Five Star Facials

Matis Luxury Facials

We are delighted and proud to have been given exclusivity on the Isle of Man to Matis, the iconic Parisian skincare brand founded over 80 years ago in 1936. All our therapists have undertaken extensive training with the company and are truly passionate about sharing with you their knowledge and skills to provide you with, (what we think will be,) the best facial you and your skin have ever had.

Those behind the pioneering anti-ageing brand are experts in active ingredients and formulations and understand the need for sensory and emotional pleasure for the products to reach their full potential.

Each of our luxurious Matis facials begin with the exclusive ‘Letting go touch’ a wonderfully relaxing pre-treatment ritual that you will be gently guided through by your therapist. At the end of your treatment, your therapist will offer you a Matiskin 4.0 drink – a non-caloric, fruit flavoured drink, to improve your skin from the inside. Containing hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamin C, this pleasant-tasting drink helps prevent water loss from the skin, boosts the efficacy of your facial procedures and gives a natural radiance to the skin.

Our range of luxury facials is suitable for ladies and gentlemen of any age.

Nourishing Comfort Facial

A double exfoliation and a whipped cream mask, that contains gourmet and renewing active ingredients… 
This comforting treatment will repair and sooth your skin, whilst intensively feeding it with the nutrients it needs from wonderful, rich ingredients including Illipe and wild mango butters, avocado oil, white rose stem cells and pea extract, with gentle scents of cotton flowers and lime blossom to please and relax your olfactory senses. Especially good if your skin is prone to tightening due to dryness and you feel it may be lacking in nutrition.

Using specifically designed massage techniques and movements, along with the cocooning and replenishing products, your skin will be intensively fed and restored, providing comfort and protection during this 14 stage facial treat.

Matis recommend, for optimum nourishing benefits, having this facial once a week for four weeks.
One hour….£62

Performance Correcting Facial

A triple exfoliation, double mask facial with specific eye and lip treatments…

A totally professional treatment for smoother and re-surfaced skin, resulting in lines and wrinkles being blurred. This correcting facial uses fabulously rich ingredients, such as white beeswax, marine elastine, litchi pericarp extract, hyaluronic acid and peptides that stimulate the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycan, so making the collagen repair at an optimal level.

Specific detoxing and massaging movements with a balm rich in essential fatty acids from macadamia oil and plant glycerine from vegetal saponification not only feel amazing, but the gentle scent of orange blossom is a relaxing treat for your senses too.    Your eye area will benefit from the lifting effect of the matcha tea infused gel, rich in vitamins C and E, pro-vitamin A and B-carotine, which all combine to provide a lifting, smoothing and relaxing effect on your most valuable facial asset. 

With all these corrective ingredients, this 19 stage, facial treat will leave your skin looking and feeling dynamized and more youthful.

Matis recommend, for optimum benefit, having this facial once a week, for four weeks.
One and a half hours….£85

Radiance Facial

With a ‘fizzing’ multi-temperature mask and extracts from alpine plants, this lightening and brightening facial is a must for those suffering with dull, tired or pigmented skin…

Allowing the skin’s surface to regain its natural radiance by specifically responding to its need for a renovative and resurfacing effect, this facial helps to even pigmented or irregular-looking skin, resulting in a more unified and velvety appearance. The ingredients for this facial sound as magical as they feel: edelweiss, great mauve peppermint, alchemille commune, yarrow, primrose officinale and Veronique officinale, as well as glycolic acid to improve cell renewal and lemon balm to calm, soothe and tighten. Although not recommended for very fine or sensitive skins, this is a perfect treatment for most clients for an instant flash of light before a special occasion such as a wedding, evening out or weekend away.

The scientifically blended fusion of alpine plants make this 21 stage sensory and powerful treatment a must-have for anyone looking to find their natural radiance and luminosity.

Matis recommend that this treatment is suitable to have as a one-off, or in the case of stronger skin pigmentation or dullness, it can be enjoyed regularly over a period of weeks.
1 hour 20 minutes….£74

We are delighted to be able to offer Matis facial products in our retail area to allow you to continue your skincare at home. Your therapist will be happy to advise which products may be of benefit to add to your current home skincare regime.

Kaeso Facials

The Kaeso brand uses naturally derived ingredients to deliver effective and professional products, creating a beauty experience suitable for all skincare needs. This range of products contains botanical extracts and ingredients that are renowned for their true benefits to the skin.

Silver Facial

For when you are short on time, but your skin needs a lift and your mind needs a break…

Choose from the hydrating, calming or rebalancing range, with ingredients including white nettle, pomegranate, aloe vera and willow bark, this straightforward facial cleanse – tone – exfoliate – mask and moisturise will give you the boost you need in just half an hour. 
30 minutes….£41

Gold Facial – A deep cleansing facial with aromatherapy for added relaxation. Choose from the hydrating, calming or rebalancing range, with ingredients including mallow, cucumber, mulberry and cotton. This aromatherapy facial begins with a facial cleanse, tone and exfoliate, followed by a wonderfully relaxing shoulder, neck, décolletage and facial massage using pre-blended aromatherapy oils. Then, once you’re truly relaxed, we’ll apply a deep cleansing mask and finish with a rich moisturiser.
45 minutes….£57